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Customer Reviews
Good for heavier riders
Chris H.

This tire is holding up a lot better than the Kenda tires I was using. I also like the reflective side wall. I will be staying with these tires. (They may also be good for lighter riders, too--I don't know--but I do know I weigh 220 pounds).

Schwalbe tires are top quality.
Leon B.

My tires are not Marathon Racer, but just plain Schwalbe Marathons with Greenguard for puncture protection. I am very very pleased with these tires. Schwalbe tires are well made, long wearing and I have yet to get a flat with them. With the previous (stock) tires flats were all too frequent here in Idaho where they use gravel on the roads in winter for traction for cars but don't sweep the gravel away in the spring. Would highly recommend Schwalbe.