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My Atoc
Clint G.

I am one of the first owners of the Atoc BT-EGO roof rack for the ElliptiGO. I bought the rack because I wanted to take my ElliptiGO with me when I went on an extended road trip from Westhampton Beach, NY to Miami Beach, FL and back. If you use your Atoc BT-EGO on top of something as tall as a van, be sure to use a step stool to help get the ElliptiGO up and down. I would recommend when putting the ElliptiGO up, that a 2nd person help to push it up so that the front forks can reach the rack. I would also recommend buying the lock system along with a long bike lock cord, attached to the rack or to another bike on the roof. While it probably lowers my gas mileage, I hardly notice it as I truck on down the highways and interstates. The only down side I have noticed is some rusting. It's great using my ElliptiGO versus the inside elliptical of the hotel fitness centers.