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Customer Reviews
Over 13,000 Miles and I Love My 8C!!!
John M.

I am a frustrated ultramarathoner and bought an ElliptiGO 8C three years ago and it has changed my life! In those three years I've logged just over 13,000 miles on it without a single mechanical problem, only routine maintenance. When I was frustrated from recurring injuries (SI joints, lower legs, others) my ElliptiGO saved me! It let me get a great, fun workout that's as close to running as you can get, all with no impact. I'm amazed at how rugged my ElliptiGO is. As stated above, I've never had a mechanical problem with it. I even got hit by a car one morning, and my local bike shop was able to repair my ElliptiGO and have it ready for me to do my first 100-miler three days later! The ElliptiGO is by far the best investment I ever made in fitness equipment. Remarkable product!!!

Best Exercise Purchase EVER
Curt C.

Being a Retired Army Guy my body has been through the wringer! This Bike is worth it's weight in Gold! If you're thinking about buying one-stop thinking and do it! I dropped 25 pounds in 6 weeks. Proper nutrition and lots of fun riding! What an experience! :)

Great Workout & Fun
Bobby J.

I rode one at a local Bike Shop, I loved it so much I ordered one 3 days later. Not being able to run anymore due to Knee Surgery, I was looking for another way to exercise While having fun. The ElliptiGo is just that. I am Pain Free after every ride. It's so well designed, I've been riding to & from work everyday. The cardio is Awesome, it's Very Comfortable and a lot of fun. Once you ride one, I'm sure you'll want one too. I cannot express what fun it is and the workout is excellent. I think Runners would love this as well to keep in shape while taking a break from running and for those who cannot run. No more boring hours in the Gym on a Machine for me. I find excuses to get on it and go! Did I mention how easy it is to ride? I Love It. Thank You ElliptiGo, the 8C is Perfect.

Joan S.

JUST what I needed -getting older - had to cut my running down, due to joint & foot pain. I missed running. I saw someone on this & my eyes lit up! Can't believe I love this so good as or better than running. Very intense happy workout....or you can go easy. I only enjoy outside workouts-never in a gym. The GO is perfect for me for those reasons, It also allows me variety in my workouts: bike one day, kayak another, jog/hike, then the GO. I'm never bored. The $? It's WORTH IT! Health & happiness are everything. What's that worth to you? The physical benefits are obvious, but the mental benefits are great too. You know how you will always be happy if you're jumping on a trampoline? This is like that. I don't know why, but I just get happy every time I get on. I have had mine for months. Not a recent purchase. I am still in love. Get the one with at least 8 gears so you have it.

Derek V.

For starters this concept is brilliant- I have 12 damaged discs in my spine and had no viable outlet for "no impact" exercise. My back is so bad i cannot even swim. Then along comes the ElliptiGO. Amazing piece of equipment which is helping me regain my conditioning and strength i had prior to my accident(s)---- it is absolutely amazing and provides me with a superb workout- I have owned it for a month and i am doing 8-10 miles a day and it is just awesome. Great exercise NO IMPACT. I have to thank ElliptiGO and Khanh from Khanh Sports in East Hampton NY- he was incredible, informative and his customer support is bar none not to mention his excitement and pure energy when it comes to this "bike" so again thank you Khanh you have saved me bro!!!!

Beyond All Expectations
Chris E.

I purposefully waited 2 months after I bought my Eliptigo 8C before writing this review. I'm a marathon runner and cross country coach. I needed another form of training and riding a road bike is very painful to my back and shoulders. For the past two months I have enjoyed incredible workouts with my Eliptigo 8C. Most rides going between 6 and 15 miles. I wanted to see if the workouts helped with my endurance and overall fitness so I stopped running entirely for the first two months. When I started running again I hadn't lost any endurance and my legs and core are much stronger than before. I recommend the Eliptigo to everybody looking to improve their level of fitness while having a great time. The comments and looks from bikers and runners are hilarious too!

Scott D.

Just purchased my new 8c and I love it. First product I can say that lived up to the hype and actually performed the way it was described. Due to a knee surgery, I was forced to find an alternative to running and I have. Love Love my Elliptigo. Seriously, I really do!

Amazing! Part 2
Mike N.

The Elliptigo (Meb Edition) continued to amaze over the winter months while in use indoors on a trainer. My bride and I enjoyed using it so much that we purchased a second Meb Edition so that we can ride together outdoors during the warmer months. What a great exerciser - almost a fountain of youth!!


I'm a 68 year old former runner, with an injured back and arthritic knees. I was certain that my outdoor aerobic exercise days were over, and then I purchased my ElliptiGO (Meb Edition). It's unbelievable!! Although I don't yet have my legs or cardiac-pulmonary capacity back, I have used the ElliptiGO every day since I purchased it, have had amazing (although short!!) workouts, have zero pain anywhere in my body, and am enjoying the hell out of the post-exercise 'high' I never expected to experience again. THANK YOU, ELLIPTIGO!!

A Lot of Fun
Rick M.

My wife had been talking about the Elliptigo for awhile. I surprised her with one a few weeks ago. When she found it by our house you should have seen the look on her face. She said "I have not been this excited since I was 10 years old and received my first transistor radio". She has been active in sports since she was 12 and the Elliptigo not only gives her an awesome workout, but its really alot of fun too. The company has one thing in mind: your personal satisfaction with their product. They are not satisfied with a sale until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Believe me ,they proved it to us. We are 100% satisfied with the Elliptigo, the company, and the service they have provided to us.

Elliptigo after stress fracture
Eric H.

I am two months post a femoral neck stress fracture, and the docs finally cleared me to try elliptical work. I purchased my 8C a few weeks ago in anticipation of this day, wanting desperately to feel the road again. I've now ridden roughly a dozen times on my 8C, around our New England town, among the fall foliage and crisp mornings where I'd normally be doing a long run. The bottom line: This is worth every penny. Zero impact and a return to the feel of moving outdoors. It is an amazing feeling and now a part of my crosstraining regiment. You won't regret this.

Love my Elliptigo 8C more each day
Jay G.

My second day on my new Elliptigo 8C. I was more comfortable today. Average speed now around 10, HR ave 136, I went for 90 minutes. Not bad for a 61 year old. It's great to have a new outdoor activity to enjoy here in Florida.

wake me up b4 U Go Go
Jackie T.

I love my black beauty 8S!!! I love her so much that I vacillated from my normal blog musings of mud and ultra running to devote and entire post to her merits! She helps me to increase my miles while taking the pressure off my narly ole stress fractured feet....I glide like a Amazon hunter in required saftey gear down street after street with beauty! We are a regular sight in Fayetteville, North Carolina. My only complaint is that folks have nary an issue stopping me mid glide to ask me endless questions about which I try to be patient but one must finish a workout at some point!

Rob W.

Just got my orange 8C. Being a road bike person, I wasn't sure how this would be. I took it out on our river trails and found myself having gone 15 miles! Once I got on it, I didn't want to get off! Great alternative workout and really fun too! I think my road bike now has some competition! Great product!

Michael G.

I am a regular runner and as a runner you have a lot of insuries. This bike changed by training and my life. It is awesome!!! Great cardio and great workout!!!!

Loving my Red 8C!
Tom R.

I bought a 3C a couple of years ago and put a lot of miles on it before deciding I wanted the extra gears so I could climb some of the steeper hills we have here in Colorado. I love my red 8C and have already put some hills behind me while riding it. I can't wait for spring and summer to get here because I plan on putting up mega numbers when it comes to miles! I absolutely love this machine and recommend it to anyone considering a great way to workout! Love love love it!

Good rehab
Hans C.

Started 2 weeks after bilateral hip replacement. Great for heart rate while bone & muscle heal. Highly recommended for joint replacement.

Riding around Adelaide in South Australia

Serious MVA in 2007 saw my left knee almost amputated but reconstructed. Gained weight as no exercise except for cross trainer in the shed. Saw ElliptiGo whilst in USA and knew it was for me. Got one in Australia and have not looked back since. It has enabled me to cycle around as the elliptical action suits my restricted knee flexion. Zooming around Adelaide and getting lots of looks, questions as well as fun and freedom. LOVE IT!

Great workout & lots of fun
Chris R.

I have had my Eiliptigo 8C for more than a year and still love to ride it. After coming from triathlons and running more than 40 years, I initially said it was the best workout ever. That’s still true. You can take it for a grueling cross train workout, or just a leisure ride with friends & have fun. I have put more than 4K miles on mine and only had to replace tires. Elliptigo support videos make it easy to do and routine maintenance. It’s still the best money I have ever spent on fitness


I purchased the 8C last year and immediately saw it's benefits as a compliment to my running. Unfortunately I tore my quadriceps in late October but the 8C Go has been the best product for my rehab as my running has been curtailed. If used as a workout tool it will mimic the burn and "runner's high" as well. Lastly the folks at Elliptigo are super nice, and willing to support others. Just the type of support one would want from such a great company and product.

Exactly what I was looking for
Denny M.

I'm 66 years old, and purchased my ElliptiGo from Street Fit 360 in Tampa, FL on June 10th. I'm riding it 18 miles every morning on a bike trail that also has overpasses. I've written before, but the ElliptiGo is exactly what I was looking for: Can't run because of bad knee but didn't want to be sitting on a bike all the time Wanted to increase the workout intensity without being stuck inside on an elliptical The ElliptiGo 8C has fit the bill perfectly. With the hot temps in Florida, my calorie expenditure has doubled versus the recumbent bike that I was riding. I have a Polar watch that measures my caloric output, so I realize when the temps cool down, I'll have to ride further to achieve the same output. I simply love the EllliptiGo and have been highly recommending it to everyone I see ! You all have done a fantastic job !!!!

Exceeds Expectations!!!
Justin B.

I am a 54 year old former collegiate swimmer who migrated into triathlons where running quickly became my “New Favorite Discipline”. Over the next 30 years running and arthritis took its toll on feet, knees and finally lower back. I have been using the 8C for almost a year now and it has been fantastic. It is incredibly durable and easy to maintain and I use it 4 days a week for a total of approximately 6 hours of total training time. Having ridden road and mountain bikes for years I have to admit it was a pleasure to say goodbye to the often uncomfortable bike seat! The standing position has strengthened my core and gluts tremendously. I have been able to return running 2 x 6 miles per week and my 5k times are still in the same neighborhood as when I was running 3 times the mileage….only now without the pain and injuries Just purchased a second one for my wife.

The Best
Mark V.

I'm finally back outdoors!! After several year stuck on indoor machines due to a knee and hip replacement, I'm finally back on the trail! I lost 100lbs 4 years ago and have maintained the loss with regular cardio. My bike lets me continue my exercise efforts in the freedom of the outdoors. Love it!

Love It, Love It, Love It
Judy B.

I am almost a 62 year old grandma, I have had 2 knee replacements, my back fused twice and this is the only exercise I have been able to do without hurting. I get on and just start going and don't want to stop. I can't ride a bike because of the angle it puts my back and neck in. I can't run because of knee replacements. I have always been active and now I can once again be active and outside. I ride 5 to 6 nights a week and it is so great. I have rode in a ride to raise money for cancer and everywhere we go people ask what they are and where did we get them. So thank you for giving my life back. I feel free once again to do the thing I enjoy most and that is being active.My kids and grand kids think I have gone crazy. And who knows maybe I have But, it is a happy crazy. THANK YOU

ElliptoGo 8C review
Denny M.

I was looking for a more intense workout, outdoors, standing up. This is the perfect solution. A very high quality bike that I'm burning twice as many calories on per one hour ride. Perfect !

Love the ElliptiGO
Shelly K.

This is the first time I have ever written a review on a purchase. I am writing this because I’m a 50 year old woman with not an athletic bone in my body. One does not have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of riding this wonderful invention. I am so glad I found the website. I contemplated the cost of buying an indoor elliptical, which I could not use outside and my bike that I rode very little outside, because it hurt my lower back (and my butt even with a cruiser seat). I decided my health was worth the price for an ElliptiGO. Now I own something I use “every day”. I live in rural Pennsylvania with lots of hills. After an hour or two of practicing my balance with starting, stopping and turning tight circles, I had no problem riding it. I can ride up hills that other people are pushing their multi- speed bikes up and like I said “I am not an athlete” I’m a secretary. I had a hitched bike rack designed so I could carry my ElliptiGO on the back of my vehicle without removing the front wheel. I can take it everywhere I go, with fast and easy unloading. If there is pavement I am on it. I ride it around my neighborhood and at work on lunch break, uptown during the weekends and it is great fun to ride in campgrounds where there are lots of paved lanes (for the golf carts). I get the exercise I need for my body and strengthen my bones from the weight bearing and the best benefit of all… it is the most FUN! I have had in a long long time. Thank you ElliptiGO!

Melissa W.

Saw it online, tried it - and was hooked from the test drive. I cycle, inline skate, and play tennis, but this things takes the cake! I bought the 2011 8c and love the fact that it's a bit lighter and the handlebar stem folds down.

Very Popular!!!
Michael B.

I wish I could tell you about the great time I have riding my Elliptigo up hills, over bridges, on flat through parks BUT I continually get Stopped, lol... "What is that?", "Where did you get it from?", "I want one!!" I love my Elliptigo 8C

super Satisfied
John C.

As a former runner frustrated by so many leg injuries as I get older I was intrigued but skeptical about the GO. Now, having ridden one for awhile I can say that is is a blast to ride, much better than cycling, and is a high quality product. I'm convinced that this will be a huge sport within a few years.

Oh yea
Chris K.

Completed my first ride on my new 8c. My son asked me how it went and I replied, just what it should be-hard and awesome. Runners high without the strain on my back and knees. Why did I wait so long to buy this bike?!,

very positive experience
Mark I.

My personal experience with my eliptigo 8c has been very positive. The eliptigo gives a workout very comparable to a stationary elliptical machine. i was somewhat surprised as the eliptigo involves some coasting, but avg. HRs don't lie and mine is about the same on both. The eliptigo is far superior to cycling and swimming for me. Swimming is mostly an upper body workout and oh so boring. Avid cyclists will disagree but for me the seat and hunched over position are not enjoyable and to get comparable exercise you must be willing to go very fast (really not practical on a greenway with lots of other people). The eliptigo is quite easy to get the hang of riding. Toe clips help. In short I love my eliptigo 8c and would not be surprised to see some of my friends ordering theirs soon. GREAT PRODUCT.

Elliptigo 8C
Alan S.

I am a current half marathon and 5k runner and i have been through many knee and hip injuries. I am currently recovering from a knee injury and have not been able to run for over 10 months. I bought the elliptigo 8C and i can ride it pain free. This is the best cross training tool for all runners and best recovery tool for injured runners. I live in New Hampshire where there are many hills to climb where ever i go. This elliptigo climbs the very steep half mile hills around me easily and it puts no added pressure on my knees. The elliptigo 8C was definitely worth the money!!!

Ex-cyclist total health transformation
Bill P.

I've never been a runner, but I used to enjoy cycling - mostly commuting to work in UK. 6 years ago got L4/L5 disc issues which meant I moved to a recumbent bike. Good for my leg muscles but not much else. When I moved to USA I saw the ElliptiGO and thought that would be good way to cycle without stressing my back. Now I commute and ride over 100 miles a week. I've lost 30lbs since I started a year ago and my health (BP etc) has come way down. The ElliptiGO also works my core muscles too - so with the cardiovascular exercise its a total body workout!. The 8C has been great - I even qualified for the ElliptiGO World Championships last year and ended up racing it up Mt Palomar. Thoroughly recommend ElliptiGOs to anyone wanting to get out and get fit and have fun at the same time :)

Beyond My Expectations
David C.

I love my Elliptigo 8C. With 1940 miles logged since June last year, it has been used more than any other piece of exercise equipment I have ever owned. Unlike other equipment, my usage and enthusiasm is increasing over time. I cannot say enough about the great service Elliptigo provides. Both the Elliptigo and the service I have received from Elliptigo have far exceeded the high expectations I had when I purchased my "Go."

Ready to sell my other bikes
Tom D.

We are in our late 50s and love the Elliptigos. Here is what is so cool. No more pain in the butt. No more lycra or special shoes. I ride in casual shoes and whatever I have on. I do try to wear some type of hi-vis top for safety and I always wear a helmet. Standing on an Elliptigo is better for touring because you are higher and if you stop you are pretty much in your street clothes. After every ride we feel nicely used, no impact on joints and nothing hurts. In my opinion riding the Elliptigo is more physical exertion than riding a bike but not as strenuous as running. If you want a great workout pedal faster and if you are into touring that day slow it down. You can make your ride suit your goal and enjoy. Did I mention no butt pain? I know I did but it’s worth saying again. I am ready to sell my other bikes, I don’t need or want them anymore. Elliptigo or nothing for me.

GO for the best
Ken C.

I had torn a meniscus while playing tennis and after the surgery the doctor said I could play tennis but not jog any more. My wife takes water aerobics and her teacher has a GO that he rides around 60 miles a day instead of driving. When I saw his GO I had to try it and rented one for a week. Then I HAD to buy one! Is there any way I can give this review 10 stars instead of 5?

Saved my knees!
Eric K.

I have been riding an 8 speed Elliptigo for 2 years now (8s, precursor to the 8c) and it has saved my knees. I am 53 and was addicted to running every day (including a ten year streak without a day less than 5 miles), and had chronic knee pain. Since switching my hard workouts to the Elliptigo, my knees are completely better. I believe this is not only due to the low impact, but the fact that the Elliptigo maintains ideal foot separation and body posture. Recently, I was able to ride in comfort for 9 hours proudly completing my first century!

Awesome workout & fun to ride!
Robyn B.

I'm a 9x Ironman and have completed over 40 6-10 day non-stop Adventure Races all over the world. That's the awesome part. The less awesome part is that I've already had 4 hip replacements at 46 years old, and while I can still run (a few miles), road ride, mtn bike, SUP and kayak with no problem, I'm worried about longevity of my body parts. So I needed to find a new way to train hard, increase my fitness, and really feel like I was pushing myself to the next level without pounding the crap out of my joints. On the elliptigo, my heart rate is right up there where it is when I run, and the core workout (and butt/leg workout, girls!) is far superior to running. And the best part is that the elliptigo is a BLAST to ride. I feel like a kid zipping down the road on the most fun, coolest toy ever. BEST TRAINING TOY EVER. And I've had all of em. :)

No More Pain
Erick S.

In 2011, I was told I had a sprain of the right knee and a tear of the medial meniscus and a few fibers of the anterior footprint of the ACL. The bottom line, I could not exercise, jog, run and walking was painful. During the Summer, I decided to purchase the 8c Elliptigo with the idea of using it as a low impact exercise. I rode this artsy machine three times per week for 30 mile rides. As my muscles increased the pain decreased and in about six months the right knee tear of the medial meniscus was healed. Today I enjoy a pain free life and exercise. Thank you Elliptigo!

I love the elliptiGO!
Rose M.

I love the elliptiGO! I have patella-femoral arthritis in both knees and can no longer run. Although I am able to do most cross training, I really miss the ability to go for a run! The elliptiGO feels like I am running. I am able to keep my heart rate between 158-178 and have the closest thing to running that I have ever felt. I use it while coaching to go along side my athletes on runs and also have my athletes use it when they are slightly dinged up to prevent injuries. Instead of them feeling isolated and going to cross train on their own, they are able to train right with the team.

The ElliptiGo is extending my running career
Jay F.

After over a dozen marathons, I believed that my running career had ended when diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knees. I started spinning with a bicycle on a trainer but couldn't obtain the type of cardiovascular workout that running provided. I purchased an 8C in January 2013 and it exceeded my expectations. Riding outside is exhilarating--I experienced the sensation of (fast) running with a very similar heart rate to if I were running. Riding it inside on my trainer provides a better full body workout on the legs and core compared to spinning on the bicycle. Most importantly, I have no knee pain on the ElliptiGo, providing much greater comfort during my weekend runs while maintaining my conditioning. I would highly recommend this product not only for the enjoyment of outdoor rides but also for indoor conditioning as an alternative to spinning or running on the treadmill.

What a machine!
Carl Y.

The ElliptiGO is an outstanding product. I have ridden an ElliptiGO for almost 3 years now. I have a background in competitive rowing, inline skate racing, and bicycle touring. The ElliptiGO is a machine adapted to the way people naturally move, unlike a bicycle which asks the rider to adapt to the motion of the machine. On my ElliptiGO I stand comfortably upright with everything aligned, taking smooth walking or running strides. It feels great every time. I’m also up a few inches higher than my standing height which gives me a great view of the road and scenery, and makes me more obvious to cars. When I occasionally get back on a bicycle I feel cramped and awkward. I am not a runner due to knee cartilage problems, but when I did run one day (not by choice) I felt fine and didn’t have any soreness or shin splints the next day!

Nordic Skiing, ski mountaineering and Running x-training
Patrick c.

As a long time (48 yo) cyclist, nordic skier, ski mountaineering and running enthusiast, I was looking for something to use to simulate indoor nordic and uphill skiing as well as support increasing running distances. I love this machine - best I've found for nordic training and super for long run training without the impact. I'm an avid cyclist, but supporting your own weight and not sitting hunched over seems so much's well worth the $$!

54 year old engineer and marathoner getting back to running
Georg e.

I have been a passionate sportsman all my life and became a very ambitious marathon runner. During the last 3 years I encountered problems with my Achilles tendon and had to stop running completely for a year. Now after almost 2 years of using the ElliptiGo to commute to my office plus training on the weekend, it has helped me to get back to running 10 km without being in pain afterwards. The ElliptiGo is one of the best sports equipment I ever used!

The best crosstraining workout you will ever get
Chris r.

A well made amazing piece of equipment, best money I ever spent on exercise. I have had my 8C for about 6 weeks. It exceeds everything all the reviews indicated. I am 57 and was looking for something different & easier on my knees. I have done triathlons, P90, Crossfit etc. The eliptigo is hands down the best workout I have ever done.

Steve a.

I just rode my new 8C for the first time. The two things that stood out most were that it was easier to establish balance and get the hang of the ride than I thought it would be, and the second thing is that I got a much better work out after 40 miles than I do on my bike on the same route. A great addition to my fitness routine.

Absolutely Incredible...SO worth the investment
Christopher M.

What an unbelievable workout, but FUN too! The price seems high until you learn a bit about the machine. I can now say that it is worth every dime! If you're looking for an indoor/regular elliptical of the same quality as the Elliptigo (like Precor/Life Fitness) you're up in the $3000-$5000 range...This is WAY more fun. I went in to Leisure Fitness in Tysons Corner looking for a regular elliptical and walked out with an 8C. So happy I did. Thank you, Leisure Fitness. THANK YOU, ELLIPTIGO!!

strength and health trainer
Richard d.

Simply the best piece of equipment for recreation and exercise I have ever owned. I am 58 years old and have a business named Ageless Strength. Well my day usually starts with taking my dog a golden doodle for a run each day. I ride my Ellitigo and she willingly runs beside me. I have used my bike every day since I bought it over a year and half ago . It has never had a mechanical problem. The bike is so easy on the joints and there is no impact like other cardio forms of exercise.

I have an 8 speed and LOVE it.
Diane s.

I love this thing! It is like dancing on the pedals. You do not know you are exercising with this ElliptiGO, as it is so much fun. When I stop and the fresh air stops hitting me, more sweat pours down the center of my back than when I was running. I am an injured runner and this has kept me in tip-top shape.

Robert M.

Purchased the 8c approx. 2 weeks ago. What a awesome style bike. Normally , ride 20 -50 miles a week. Yesterday rode approx. 20 miles to city island and back. If anyone knows the area of Ores bridge road , made it up the hill with ease! So much like skiing and biking at the same time. Numerous of friends rode our bike over the weekend and greatly enjoy it. Thanks Malpass family

Rich K.

What a coincidence that Benjamin Cheever writes about the ElliptiGo in the July 2012 issue of Runner’s World. I too was looking for the ultimate cross trainer device that allowed me to rest my lower back but mimicked the highs and satisfaction I get from my 29 years of running. My Go arrived and I immediately did 9 hard miles. WOW, it’s true! It does give you same the aerobic high and satisfaction as running while also providing the needed rest that obsessive runners like Ben and myself require.

Still great after 3,500 miles *Updated Review*
Tom r.

I purchased my Elliptigo about a year ago and my only regret is not purchasing it sooner. It has proven to be worth every penny and more. I am an ex-football player, ex-basketball player, ex-skier, and ex-marathoner who had 2 major back surgeries and 2 major knee surgeries. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Elliptigo, but after 3500 miles, my Elliptigo continues to go strong. I had some technical glitches, but Elliptigo was great in working them out for me. Needless to say, I am a big fan!

My Pink 8C <3
Becky c.

I'm a 6'2" female and find the elliptical machines at the gym don't have the stride legnth, that my GO has. On my Go, I have no joint pain or numbness in my feet unlike the ellipticals at the gym. I can't wait for the arrival of my stationary trainer to arrive...Really can't wait for spring to hit the open road!

Pink elliptigo 8c
brooke m.

The best thing I have ever bought!!! I got the stationary trainer and I'm addicted!! At first I thought it was going to be extremely easy like the ellipticals in gyms but I sweat more in 30 minutes on my stationary trainer than I ever did in an hour at the gym on regular ellipticals!! If you're thinking about it, then go for it!!! You wont be disappointed!!!

Stand Up and Ride!
Michael B.

Cross-Training on the Elliptigo over the past six months propelled me to my first podium appearance at the Nautica Malibu Classic Triathlon. My finish time was 10 minutes faster than four previous attempts. Can’t say enough about this brilliant machine. Stand up and Ride!!

The "sickest" bike in Derry
George A.

At least that's what all the kids say..I think it's a compliment! I was on the bike just 10 weeks out of spine fusion surgery and have been using the elliptigo as my therapy vehicle. My surgeon viewed the video on the website and gave it his blessing as long as I didn't push it. Now the Elliptigo lets me enjoy my recovery period. I am looking forward to my first century ride on the Elliptigo in the spring!

Injured Runner review
Jeffery H.

I'm a 50 year old competitive runner that gets frequently sidelined due to achilles/calf injuries. I bought an 8C 2 weeks ago and am absolutely thrilled with it. Although I currently walk with a limp due to injury, I can get on the 8C and ride 50 miles with absolutely no pain. What's even more amazing is that I can get up the next day and do a 25 miler without difficulty. This just shows that an ElliptiGO workout is very low impact.

Exactly what I'd been searching for...
Joseph P.

My fitness level has slowly decreased over the last few years due to knee problems inhibiting my running and discomfort on bike seats. The Elliptigo was a perfect solution. My 8C climbs the steep hills of the RPV peninsula with ease and glides smooth just like a stationary elliptical in a gym. There is no discomfort, it's an awesome cardio burn and it inspires a lot of fun curious looks from observers as I pass. I wish I could marry it because I'm going to be in love for life.

chieivng the Runner's High Without the Wear and Tear on my Knees
Mike R.

I purchased my Black ElliptiGo to provide a no-impact,cross-training alternative to running. Like many customers, I was frustrated/bored with indoor exercising and really missed the endorphin release from running outside and enjoying the scenery. *Please note that this review was originally written for the 8S, the precursor to the 8C. The reviewer felt that the review was applicable to the 8C model.

Great for the commute
Tom D.

After 100 miles, it certainly exceeds expectations (which were high). Excellent build quality, unparalleled customer service. This specific workout - weight bearing exercise w/o impact - is just what I needed - re-activates muscles I hadn't been using much since giving up running (2 bad knees, bad back). Commute is 20 miles, somewhat flat, so I swapped out 53T for 60T; now I can keep up with the shavers on road bikes. Still keeping commuter bikes for heavy ice, but otherwise Elliptigo!

My best purchase of the year!
Ben D.

I just put my 1000th mile on my E-GO, bought in October, and I am still completely hooked! After blowing out a knee from too much running, it's amazing to be back outside again and having this much fun to boot. The workout is fabulous--better than cycling, particularly when I try to keep up with my friends on bike. I've had no problems with my knee, even on steep (15%+ grade) hills, even though long walks are difficult for me. And I love the stares and comments from passersby!

Sid S.

I was watching the news and saw the story on the Elliptigo. I use the Elliptical machine 5 days a week. I went to a local place and tried it out. As soon as I tried it, I knew this was something I had to have. So I ordered a blue one and 2 weeks later I received it. What a ride. An incredible feeling and incredible workout. If you have the budget, don't think twice about getting one. You will be so happy you did. *Please note that this was originally written for the 8S, precursor to the 8C.

Elliptigo is the best exercise I have done
Robert G.

I cannot say enough good things about the Elliptigo. It is easy to sustain a high heart rate for numerous hours with no wear and tear on the body. It is a much more efficient workout than a bicycle. Since the rider is standing up and balancing the Elliptigo, it strengthens the core much more than running or bicycling. The Elliptigo is much more fun than bicycling or running. It sure beats riding an elliptical trainer in the gym next to some sweaty, smelly guy.

Excellent Cross-Training Tool!
Lora V.

I love my ElliptiGO. As a road runner, I highly recommend the ElliptiGO as both a cross-training and recovery tool. It is excellent at enabling me to keep up my aerobic momentum while giving my joints a much-needed recovery period after long distance races. The ElliptiGO provides an incredible workout - gets great speed on the road, tackles hills smoothly, and is most importantly liberating and fun to use!

Unconditional money back offer?
Steve D.

I sold myself on this unique machine because I have a tailbone injury from 20 years ago that makes seated bike riding an impossibility after just a short ride. The website said I could send it back within 30 days for a full refund. I hope the folks at elliptigo aren't holding their breath waiting. They aren't getting my machine back!

Great, really fun.
Brian D.

I have ridden my bicycle halfway across the US twice. I have seen thousands of miles of asphalt, it is so nice to be able to look around. Moreover my hands and dont get sore. *Please note that this review was originally written for the 8S, the precursor to the 8C. The reviewer felt that the review was applicable to the 8C model.

What a head turner!
Judith A.

It took no time to get my ElliptiGo up and running. I did it my self. I am so excited to own this high tech. machine, that every where I go people turn and point. It is about the ride-smooth, fun, different, a great work out, fluid, I could go on but I got to go and ride now. Wow-- just get one and you will see...