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Customer Reviews
Upping the Experience
John O.

I love these things! I added them a few weeks ago, and felt the advantage to having them right away: flats, uphills and down hills. They make me feel like I am part of the bike working together with the other components to make it an even more enjoyable experience. You do have to keep the cages loose and think ahead when slipping one foot out to stop. Not a real problem though. I see having them as a 10-15% improvement in efficiency all the way around.

Toe cages
Kevin G.

Absolutely essential to optimize workout. Easy to install....mounting and dismounting Elliptigo slightly more difficult but the enhanced workout is worth it.


Toe cages are an essential accessory and I would highly recommend them. They are particularly helpful in climbing hills. The toe cages allow you to expend extra power while lifting the legs rather than merely pushing down on the pedals, providing a more balanced and efficient workout. I found them to be very comfortable

Can't live without them, but can be uncomfortable at times
Ben D.

I can't imagine riding without these toe cages. In addition to recruiting different muscle groups, mentioned in other reviews, the added stability when descending steep hills on bad pavement is worth every penny. One drawback is that the straps put pressure across the top of the foot, which can be uncomfortable on long rides or extended climbs when pulling hard. Thick socks help this somewhat. I give 4 stars instead of 5 only because of the comfort issue, but I won't ever ride without them!

E-Bike toe clips
James W.

After adding ElliptiGo toe clips to my E-Bike, I discovered a whole new set of muscles to use. Unlike running where it's toe lift off only, with the toe clips you can use both legs at once, one leg as the power stroke going down, and the other leg at the same time as a power stroke lifting up. Combining 2 different muscles at the same time. Wouldn't ride it without them now. Love "em". JIm Wiese

Once you try--will be a necessity--huge improvement
Dr. Kevin G.

I never understood why bicyclists use toe clips because I never tried them. Now that I have tried the cages on the Elliptigo, I fully understand. It allows you to utilize a whole new set of muscles. When one set of muscles wears down, you can use the other set or choose to use them in combination. The cages also allow you to start out faster, have more power overall and allows you go longer since you can change the muscles you are using. I do not want to ride an Elliptigo without one!