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Only applies if you are a member of InCommon Federation. www.InCommon.org
Release the parameters as indicated in our metadata and provide us with a plain text value. Note: our metadata link is account.turningtechnologies.com/account/shibboleth/metadata
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Direct URL to authenticate with your SSO.
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Direct URL to sign out of your SSO. Utilized only if you want single sign out from Turning Account. Users must have to have a logout service configured in order to utilize this functionality.
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User specific identification returned by SSO. Typically the user attribute for most CAS instances.
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If you have a test user that would allow us to expedite this process, please provide that user.
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Please provide us with your Metadata link if you are using Shibboleth. Only necessary if your Metadata is not in InCommon.
Do you want users to be able to edit their Turning user profile information pulled from the SSO?
Would you like to enable a setting that requires users to use the email address that comes back from the SSO?
Enabling this setting will assist with preventing user error during registration.
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